Board Members

The Home Owner Association Board of Directors for 2021-2022:
Steve Boveri, President
Rich Cober, Vice President
Jeff Allen, Treasurer
Andrew Frank, Secretary
Russ Anema
Monica Duggal
Kevin O'Brian
Miléna Santoro (newsletter and website)
Mark Westerfield

Biographies are posted at this link.

Thank you to all of our previous Board members for your dedication and service to the neighborhood.

Board Meetings

Board meetings will be held virtually, timing to be determined, unless otherwise posted. The provisional schedule for our upcoming meetings is as follows:

September 14, 2021; November 3, 2021; January 11, 2022; April 6, 2022; July 6, 2022.

Log in details will be posted on the HOA website, on the day of each meeting.*

When available, upcoming meeting agendas will be available by clicking here
Zoom details are also posted on the home page on the day of the meeting.

 *  Prosperity Heights HOA Board of Directors meetings are open to the Association Membership.  Prosperity Heights homeowners are welcome, and time will be given for members' comments.  If the board meeting is held in a private home, advance notice must be given to ensure we make space and other appropriate accommodations.

Committee Meetings

Finance Committee:

All homeowners are invited to committee meetings.  They are currently held via zoom; connection details posted on website homepage a day before the meeting.

The last meeting date was October 28th at 7:30 pm. 
Last meeting's Agenda: 

1.2022 budget (We will need a Nov Board meeting to approve)

2.Online payment options for upcoming assessments

3.Reserve Study

4.Budget for welcome committee

5.New banking options

Anyone who would like to receive personal notice of future Finance Committee meetings should send and email to the board.

Recent finance committee meetings:

- October, 2021. Notes/Minutes.

- August 18, 2021. Notes/Minutes.

- February 14, 2021. Three documents were considered:  ToDo, Cov Refs, Draft Budget

-  April 11, 2021. Agenda

Meeting Minutes


2021, November 3, 7pm: Agenda, PH Finance update, and 2022 Budget Proposal. Minutes will be posted once approved by the Board.

2021 September 14, 7pm: Agenda, Zoom instructions, and documents package; Minutes approved at the HOA Board meeting on November 3.

2021 March 23: Minutes

2021 May 25 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners: Agenda Package,Vote Tally 2021, Slideshow; Minutes
2021 March 23:  AgendaFinance Update, Finance Comm Resolution Adopted, Minutes (awaiting approval)
2021 January 27: Agenda, Voting Draft Resolution, Minutes


2020 November 10: Agenda, Minutes
2020 September 17: Special Meeting of the Board Minutes
2020 September 2: Minutes, Slidedeck
2020 July 29 Board Meeting

2020 July 13 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners: Slidedeck, Minutes, Director Vote Tally

2020 June 24 Board Meeting 
020 June 10 Board Meeeting
2020 April 1 Board Meeting


2019 October 7 Board Meeting
2019 August 16 Board Meeting
2019 April 25 Board Meeting

2019 April 25 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners Minutes

2019 January 1 Board Meeting


2018 July 26 Board Meeting

2018 April 24 Annual Meeting of the Homeowners Minutes

2018 February 22 Board Meeting